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Proceedings of the 2nd IAHR Europe Congress (Munich, 2012)

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11246 Hydropower and Hydromorphological Requirements-a Tool to Evaluate the Energetic and Economic Impact of Hydropower Plants
Frank Roland; Stephan Theobald
11247 Implementation Studies of Small Energy Converters in Water Supply Systems
Matthias Kramer; Silke Wieprecht
11248 New Approaches of Water as Energy Storage
Markus Aufleger; Barbara Brinkmeier; Valerie Neisch; Robert Klar
11249 Assessment of Maximum and Residual Hydropower Potential Under Global Changes: La Plata Basin
Luigia Brandimarte; Maximo Peviani; Ioana Popescu
11250 Uncertainty in Computations of the Spread of Warm Water in River
Monika B. Kalinowska; Pawel M. Rowiński
11251 Analysis of Hydropwer Potential in an Alpine Catchment Area with the GIS Tool Vapidro-Aste
Christopher Schreiber; Josef Schneider
11252 Detached Breakwaters as Coastal Defense Structures: Configuration Effect in the Adjacent Coastline
Francisco Taveira Pinto; Raquel Silva; Rui China Pereira
11253 Modelling Displacement Waves Produced by Ship on Adjacent Shoals and Lateral Inlets of Navigation Canals
Mariateresa Franzoia; Giampaolo Di Silvio
11254 Foliage and Stem Drag: Comparison Between Four Riparian Species
Kaisa Vastila; Juha Jarvela
11255 A Combined Statistical-Process Based Approach for Modelling Storm-Driven, Medium-Term, Beach Morphology
Douglas Pender; Harshinie Karunarathna

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