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Proceedings of the 2nd IAHR Europe Congress (Munich, 2012)

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11186 Air Entrainment Due to Vortices-State-of-the-Art
Georg Moller; Martin Detert; Robert M. Boes
11187 Supercritical Flow Around and Beneath a Fixed Obstacle
Nicolas Riviere; Anne-Gaelle Laily; Anuel Mignot; Delphine Doppler
11188 Resistance to Flow over Submerged Obstacles in a Steep Channel
G. C. Christodoulou; E. Kostidou; P. Vassilakos
11189 Energy Dissipation and Ecological Passability at the Flood Retention Basin Neuwurschnitz
Sophia Stoebenau; Detlef Aigner; Jurgen Stamm
11190 Experimental Investigation of Propeller Jet Induced Scours
Geisenhainer Peter; Aberle Jochen
11191 Comparison of Bed Stabilization Methods in Two Experimental Facilities – Influence of Inhomogenities
Michael Hengl; Mariela Langle
11192 Gas Dissolution in Pressurized Hydraulic Systems-a Theoretical Approach
Alexander Arch; Dominik Mayr
11193 Optimising Landslide-Tsunami Prediction Based on Physical Model Tests
Valentin Heller; Johannes Spinneken
11194 Vertical Variation in Diffusion Coefficient Within Fixed Bed River Sediments
Ian Chandler; Jonathan Pearson; Ian Guymer; Rogerv An-Egmond
11195 Interaction of Different Wavelengths in a Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid and Emergent Stems
Ana M. Ricardo; M. Franca; A. Schleiss; R. Ferreira

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