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Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Trondheim, 2020)

ID Title Authors Year
8488 Ice Research in Norway from an Engineering Perspective
Sveinung Løset
8489 Beam Testing of Reinforced Ice in the Context of Winter Road
Paul D. Barrette; Bradley Butt
8490 Plate Testing of Reinforced Ice in the Context of Winter Roads: Experimental Set-up and Preliminary Result
Paul D. Barrette; David Hnatiw; John Marquardt; Yvan Brunet
8491 Ice Behaviour Under Indentation Loading - Medium-Scale Field Test
Robert Frederking
8492 Field Investigation and Numerical Analysis of the Deformation of L-Shaped Ice Beam
Igor Gribanov; Aleksey Marchenko; Rocky S. Taylor
8493 Ice Properties in ISO 19906's Second Edition
Knut V. Høyland; Ekaterina Kim; Aleksey Marchenko; Ben Lishman; Paul D. Barrette
8494 Field Tests of Ice Compressive Strength Using Thermally Balanced Sample
M. Karulina; E. Karulin; A. Marchenko; A. Sakharov; P. Chistyakov; A. Sliusarenko
8495 Elastic Moduli of Sea Ice and Lake Ice Calculated from in-Situ and Laboratory Experiment
A. Marchenko; J. Grue; E. Karulin; R. Frederking; B. Lishman; P. Chistyakov; M. Karulina; D. Sodhi; C. Renshaw; A. Sakharov; V. Markov; E. Morozov; M. Shortt; J. Brown; A. Sliusarenko; D. Frey
8496 Influence of Vibrations on Indentation and Compression Strength of Sea Ice
A. Marchenko; E. Karulin; R. Frederking; D. Cole; J. Brown; M. Karulina; A. Sakharov; P. Chistyakov; D. Sodhi; V. Markov; B. Lishman; M. Shortt; A. Sliusarenko
8497 Results of Preliminary Cyclic Loading Experiments on Natural Lake Ice and Sea Ice
Andrii Murdza; Aleksey Marchenko; Erland M. Schulson; Carl E. Renshaw; Alexander Sakharov; Evgeny Karulin; Peter Chistyakov

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