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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Application of Physical Modelling in Coastal and Port Engineering and Science (Coastlab2020, Zhoushan)

ID Title Authors Year
8788 Mapping Tidal Currents at a Tidal Channel Junction Using Fluvial Acoustic Tomography System
Cong Xiao; Kiyosi Kawanisi; Mohamad Basel Al Sawaf
8789 Numerical Investigation of the Local Scour Process Around Round- Ended Bridge Pier
Yizhou Xiao; Guilin Pan; Xiandao Feng
8790 Frequency Domain Analysis of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Mariculture Ship with Truss and Plate Frame Hybrid Structure
Shao Min Wang; Xie Qiu Yang; Tai Ping Yuan
8791 Meso Numerical Simulation of Chloride Ion Diffusion in Concrete Based on Stochastic Convex Polygon Coarse Aggregate Model
Yuanzhan Wang; Zhehui Zhou; Zhen Liu; Duo Wang
8792 Derivation of Formulas for Sediment Carrying Capacity and Erosion and Deposition Strength Applicable to Channel Siltation Calculation on Silty Mud Coast
Xiaotian Dong; Wenjin Zhu; Congying Kong; Na Wang
8793 A Theoretical Model for Describing Channel Axis Deviation and Cross-Section Change Under the Action of Cross Flow in Coastal Region
Wenjin Zhu; Na Wang; Xiaotian Dong
8794 Numerical Simulation of Winter Wave Field in the South China Sea Field Based on Swan
Zou Li; Wang Wei; Jiang Shengchao; Wang Peizheng; Zhao Jian
8795 Preliminary Results on the Dynamics of a Pile-Moored Fish Cage with Elastic Net in Currents and Wave
Zitti Gianluca; Novelli Nico; Brocchini Maurizio
8796 Experimental Study on the Evolution of Erosion and Deposition in the Yellow River Estuary
Xiang Zhao; Zuwen Ji; Anjun Deng; Dangwei Wang
8797 Amplification of Infragravity Waves Induced by Underwater Shoal
Z. L. Liao; S. W. Li; Y. Liu

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