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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (Palermo, 2018)

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  • Editor(s): Goffredo La Loggia, Gabriele Freni, Valeria Puleo and Mauro De Marchis
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ID Title Authors Year
17645 Impact of Water Supply on Energy Use and Carbon Dioxide in Jing-Jin-Ji Region, China
Guohua He; Yong Zhao; Jianhua Wang; Haihong Li; Yongnan Zhu; Shang Jiang
17646 Exploring the Use of the Three Rainfall Remote Sensing Products for Flood Prediction in the Brahmaputra Basin
Maurizio Mazzoleni; Biswa Bhattacharya; Miguel Angel Laverde Barajas; Dimitri Solomatine
17647 Development of a System Dynamics Computer Model for the Simulation of the Effects of an Alternate Water Source Development Project on the Water Supply Systems Management and Customer Satisfaction
Suwan Park; Jae-Hong Ha
17648 Impact of Climate Change on Irrigated Agriculture in Sardinia Region
Sara Masia; Janez Susnik; Serena Marras; Simone Mereu; Donatella Spano; Antonio Trabucco
17649 Automatic Identification of Sewer Fault Types Using CCTV Footage
Joshua Myrans; Zoran Kapelan; Richard Everson
17650 Implications of Land Use Change on River Flow in South West England
Lorena Liuzzo; Gabriele Freni
17651 Managing Large Geodatasets for Urban Flood Risk Mapping: The Mexican Flood Risk Atlas
Laurent G. Courty; J. Agustin Brena-Naranjo; Adrian Pedrozo-Acuna
17652 An Advanced Software to Manage a Smart Water Network with Innovative Metrics and Tools Based on Social Network Theory
Armando Di Nardo; Michele Di Natale; Anna Di Mauro; Eva Martinez Diaz; Jose Antonio Blazquez Garcia; Giovanni Francesco Santonastaso; Francesco Paolo Tuccinardi
17653 Application of Intelligent Water Network in Water Resource Management: Framework and Case
Qingming Wang; Yong Zhao; Jiaqi Zhai; Yongnan Zhu; Shan Jiang; Fan He
17654 Resilience Analysis in the Permanent Partitioning of a Water Distribution Network
E. Creaco; A. Di Nardo; C. Giudicianni; R. Greco; G. F. Santonastaso

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