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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (Palermo, 2018)

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  • Editor(s): Goffredo La Loggia, Gabriele Freni, Valeria Puleo and Mauro De Marchis
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ID Title Authors Year
17705 From CCTV Data to Strategic Planning: Deterioration Modelling for Large Sewer Networks in Germany and Colombia
Nicolas Caradot; Nathalie Hernandez; Hauke Sonnenberg; Andres Torres; Pascale Rouault
17706 Short-Term Reservoir System Operation for Flood Mitigation with 1D Hydraulic Model
Thanh Hao Nguyen; Philippe Gourbesville; Ngoc Duong Vo
17707 Real-Time Measurement Fault Detection and Remote-Control in a Mountain Water Supply System
Sofia Fellini; Riccardo Vesipa; Fulvio Boano; Luca Ridolfi
17708 Extracting Value from Complex High-Frequency Multivariate Water Quality Data: Exploring Routinely Collected Operational Data
Josie Ashe; Lie Grand-Clement; David Smith; Gan A. Savic; Richard E. Brazier
17709 On-Line Measuring Sensors for Smart Water Network Monitoring
A. Di Nardo; D. Baquero Gonzalez; T. Baur; R. Bernini; S. Bodini; S. Capasso; F. Cascetta; F. Castaldo; M. Cocco; P. Cousin; M. D’Acunto; R. Di Leo; B. Della Ventura; A. Di Mauro; M. Di Natale; G. Di Virgilio; M. Doveri; B. El Mansouri; R. Germano; C. Giudicianni; N. Giunta; R. Greco; P. Iovino; E. Katsou; R. Koenig; C. S. Laspidou; V. Lisbino; L. Lupi; E. Martinez Diaz; D. Musmarra; M. Mussons Olivella; O. Paleari; J. Raich; F. Regan; M. J. Rodriguez-Pinzon; J. M. Rodriguez-Varela; L. Sanfilippo; J. S. Seelam; G. F. Santonastaso; D. Savic; A. Scozzari; F. Soldovieri; F. P. Tuccinardi; V. G. Tzatchkov; L. S. Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia; M. Van Rijn; R. Velotta; S. Venticinque; J. W. Wouters
17710 Uncertainty Quantification in 2D Morphodynamic Model. Application to the Gironde Estuary
Leroux Romain; Goeury Cedric; El Kadi Abderrezzak Kamal; Tassi Pablo
17711 Approach to Mitigation of Territory Inundation with Help of Flood Control by Small Water Reservoirs
V. V. Ilinich; A. V. Perminov; O. V. Rukhovich; A. A. Naumova
17712 Simulation of Possible Scenarios of Precipitations on River Basin of Water Reservoir with Considerate of Climatic Change
V. V. Ilinich; I. F. Asaulyak; A. I. Belolubtsev; V. A. Rashupkina
17713 Short-Term Control of a Storage Hydropower Under Flood Risk by Multi-Stage Stochastic Optimization
Gokcen Uysal; Aynur Sensoy; Dirk Schwanenberg; Rodolfo Alvarado-Montero
17714 Topographic Analysis of Wetlandscapes: Fractal Dimension and Scaling Properties
L. E. Bertassello; P. S. C. Rao; A. F. Aubeneau

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