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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA during May 31 to June 3, 2016.

ID Title Authors Year
18460 Interaction Between Level Ice and Ship Hull Based on DEM Simulations
Shunying Ji; Shuai Kong
18461 Investigation of the Extension of an Ice-Resistance System for a Various Pack Ice Condition
Hyun Soo Kim; Dong-Hyun Ahn; Suheon Ju; Kuk-Jin Kang; Seong-Yeob Jeong; Young-Min Kim; Jong-Gye Shin
18462 Rafting of Sediment by Anchor Ice Releases
H. Kalke; C. Schneck; V. Mcfarlane; M. Loewen; M. Jasek
18463 River Ice Cover Influence on Water Quality Based on Continuous Monitoring and Grab Sampling Data
Maria Kamari; Eliisa Lotsari; Sirkka Tattari; Jari Koskiaho
18464 Experimental Studies of Fracture Mechanics for Various Ice Types
M. Karulina; A. Marchenko; A. Sakharov; E. Karulin; P. Chistyakov
18465 Numerical Simulation of Turret Ship Dynamic Behaviour Under External Action
E. Karulin; M. Karulina
18466 Impact of Initial Conditions on Ice Loads on Dams
Ekaterina Kharik; Varvara Roubtsova; Brian Morse; Mario Fafard; Alain Cote; Andre Taras
18467 A Preliminary Analysis of the Crushing Specific Energy of Iceberg Ice Under Rapid Compressive Loading
Ekaterina Kim; Robert E. Gagnon
18468 A Simulation Study on the Turning Ability of Ice-Going Ship Navigating in Pack Ice
Hyoil Kim; Junji Sawamura
18469 An Energy Model for Ice Crushing in Ice-Structure Impact
Aki Kinnunen; Maria Tikanmaki; Jaakko Heinonen

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