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Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Michigan, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
18470 Fundamental Study for Physical Experiments and Numerical Modelling of Ice-Jams and Ice Pile-Ups Driven by Run-Up Tsunami Wave
Shinji Kioka; Takahiro Takeuchi; Naohiro Maruta
18471 Physical Conditions in the Water-Ice Boundary Layer: From Lake Baikal to Small Arctic Lakes
G. B. Kirillin; I. A. Aslamov; V. V. Kozlov; N. G. Granin; C. Lhardt; J. Forster
18472 Strain-Rate Softening of Granular Ice in Brittle Regime: Fact or Artifact?
Kari Kolari
18473 Development of Ice Jam Toe Configurations
Tomasz Kolerski; Fengbin Huang; Hung Tao Shen
18474 In-Situ Investigations of Ice Deformations and Loads in Indentation Tests
M. Konstantinova; A. Marchenko; M. Karulina; A. Sakharov; E. Karulin; P. Chistyakov
18475 Siku Discrete Element Method Sea Ice Model
Anton V. Kulchitsky; Jennifer K. Hutchings; Jerome B. Johnson; Gleb Velikhovskiy
18476 Ice Rubble Stress in Virtual Experiments for Assessing Continuum Approach
Sergey Kulyakhtin; Arttu Polojarvi
18477 Convectively-Driven Migration of Brine Enclosures in Sea Ice
P. J. Langhorne; B. J. Tuckey; C. Petrich
18478 NOAA GLERL Research and Application in the Great Lakes
Deborah Lee
18479 Summer Sea Ice and Albedo in Pacific Section of the Arctic Ocean During 2000-2009
Ruibo Lei; Jia Wang; Xiangshan Tian-Kunze; Matti Lepparanta; Qun Li

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