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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18649 On the Use of Surrogates to MIMIC the Stabilization Potential of Natural Biofilms at the Sediment-Water Interface
Moritz Thom; Stefan Schimmels
18650 Extended Abstract: Understanding Flow-Based Ecological Drivers Through Predictive Analysis
Ian Michael Hough; James Shucksmith; Phil Warren
18651 Reservoir Optimal Operation Coupled with ECMWF Ensemble Precipitation Forecast
Jinggang Chu; Yong Peng
18652 Fengman Reservoir Ecological Operation Based on Fish Diversity
Yong Peng; Jinggang Chu
18653 Disturbance of Tidal Events Modify Facilitation of Microtopographic Structures on Plant Recruitment
Qing Wang; Baoshan Cui; Tian Xie
18654 Rainfall Variation Shifts Habitat Suitability for Seedling Establishment Associated with Tidal Inundation in Salt Marshes
Tian Xie; Baoshan Cui; Qing Wang; Shanze Li
18655 Sediment Sorting of the Bed Surface in the Vegetated Channels
Chang-Lae Jang
18656 Canal Bed Evolution and Current Velocity Distribution in Artificially-Creaetd Nest and Pool Habitats in Rural Area
Shigeya Maeda; Shota Takagi; Koshi Yoshida; And Hisao Kuroda
18657 Case Study of Dam Operation and Flushing Discharge in Japan
Kazuhiro Azami
18658 Conditions of Establishment for the Salix Community at Dam Reservoir Ecotone (Lower Than Normal Water Levels Along a Dam Reservoir Shoreline)
Kazuhiro Azami; Takashi Asaeda; Kazhumi Tanida

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