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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18689 Simulating Gezhouba Reservoir Operation Using the Recurrent Neural Network Deep Learning Algorithm
Zhang Di; Peng Qidong; Wang Dongsheng; Lin Junqiang
18690 Spatial Distribution of Sulfate Reducing and Sulfide Oxidizing Bacteria in Wetland Soils Along a Water and Salt Gradient in the Yellow River Delta, China
Qiongqiong Lu; Junhong Bai; Jianjun Wu; Guangliang Zhang; Wei Wang
18691 Validation of a HEC-RAS Model of the Stornorrfors Fish Migration Dry Reach Against New Field Data
Kristian Angele; Anders Andersson
18692 Impact of Fishways in the Miyanaka Intake Dam Area on Fish Diversity in the Shinano River, Japan
Taku Masumoto; Masahiko Nakai; Takashi Asaeda
18693 Effects of Aquatic Habitats Improvement by Different Submergence Conditions of Groins in City Rivers
Qian Li; Xin-Hua Zhang
18694 Preliminary Experiments to Use Gamma Ray Attenuation for Undisturbed Measurements of Fine Sediment Infiltration Masses
Mohammad Assem Mayar; Silke Wieprecht; Markus Noack
18695 Study on Hydraulic Model Test of Vertical Slot Fishway
Juntao Li; Xi Wang
18696 Analysing the Hydrodynamic Influence of Bed Slope in Vertical Slot Fishways: A Numerical Approach
Nuele Quaranta; Christos Katopodis; Claudio Comoglio
18697 Fish Ladder Effectivisation: Reconstruction of the Stornorrfors B-Spillway
Kristian Angele; Mats Billstein
18698 Expert-Knowledge or Data-Driven Fuzzy Models? A Comparison Employing the Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta L. )
Rafael Munoz-Mas; Francisco Martinez-Capel; Shinji Fukuda; Matthias Schneider; Ans M. Mouton

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