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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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ID Title Authors Year
18589 Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Brown Trout Movements at Different Life-Stages. a Multi-Annual Telemetry Study in a Mountain Stream
Maria Alp; Celine Le Pichon; Laurence Tissot; Alain Alric; Axel Guillemin; Sylvie Tomanova; Nicolas Poulet
18590 Making Use of Broad-Scale Datasets in Ecohydrology
Eleanore Heasley; Nicholas Clifford; James Millington; Michael Chadwick
18591 Assessment of Water Environment Capacity for Urban River Networks Under Varied Hydrodynamics
Liao Yipeng; Li Yun; Fan Ziwu
18592 Use of Indicators of Hydrology for Assessing the Impact of the Three Gorges Dam Operation on the Spawning Success of the Four Major Chinese Carps
Ban Xuan; S. Panayiotis; Shi Wu-Rong
18593 The Suitable Hydrodynamic Conditions for Chinese Carps Spawning in Yichang Section of the MID-Yangtze River
Lei Tang; Yuxing Zhang; Yuqing Lin; Qiuwen Chen
18594 Spatial Associations of Two Riparian Species Following River Flooding
Qiuwen Chen; Ruihua Liu; Wenqing Shi
18595 Permeable or Imperveous Effect of Groynes to Flow Dynamics in a Trapezoidal Channel
Busra Yildirim; Talia Ekin Tokyay
18596 Hydrological Impacts of Water Resource Development on Floodplain Vegetation Communities of a Boom and Bust System
William Higgisson; Brian Higgisson; Fiona Dyer
18597 Two Notable Cases of River Restoration in Taichung City: Lichuan River and Shishuike River
Ting-Chang Chou; Man-Ting Weng; Shaohua Marko Hsu
18598 Biogeochemical Aspects of the Interaction of Surface Water and Ground Water in Carst Cave
L. M. Kondratyeva; O. C. Shadrina; Z. N. Litvinenko; E. M. Golubeva

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