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Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (Tokyo, 2018)

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18619 Comprehensive Metabolome Profiling of Medical Halophyte Salicornia Europaea by Large-Scale Targeted Metabolomics
Xin Wang; Junhong Bai; Guangliang Zhang; Wei Wang; Shuai Zhang; Shuo Yin; Dawei Wang
18620 Riparian Vegetation Encroachment in Mediterranean Rivers
Diego Garcia De Jalon; Vanesa Martinez Fernandez; Marta Gonzalez Del Tanago
18621 Flow Structure of Open Channel Flow with Partly Submerged Vegetation
Haoran Shi; Wenxin Huai
18622 A Simulation of Longitudinal Dispersion in Flows Through Partial Emergent Vegetation Based on Lagrangian Approach
Xuerong Liang; Wenxin Huai; Zhonghua Yang; Yuhong Zeng
18623 Retrieval of Suspended Sediment in Poyang Lake Based on Remote Sensing and Analysis of Its Spatial-Temporal Characteristics
Xu Yifan; Qin Boqiang; Xiao Yaqin
18624 Factors of Mercury Methylation in the Ice of the Amur River
E. M. Golubeva; L. M. Kondratyeva; D. V. Andreeva; A. V. Shtareva
18625 A Field Study on Changing Process in Diversion Canal Water Temperature in Cold Regions of North China
Zheng Tiegang; Zong Quanli; Sun Shuangke; Wu Sujie
18626 Monitoring of Multilayer Porous Riverbed Protection Using Biopolymers
Sang-Hoon Lee; Hong-Kyu Ahn
18627 Study on Hydrological Stability of Multi-Layer Porous Riverbed Protection Using Biopolymers
Hong-Kyu Ahn; Sang-Hoon Lee
18628 Vertical Slot Fishway Passage Efficiency for River Connectivity Restoration in China: A Case Study
Jiang-Hui Bao; Wei-Wei Li; Ming Duan

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