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Proceedings of the HydroSenSoft (Madrid, 2017)

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  • ISBN: 978-90-824846-2-5
  • Publisher: IAHR
  • Editor(s): Rui Aleixo
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ID Title Authors Year
19566 More Than Depth: Developing Pressure Sensing Systems for Aquatic Environments
Martin Schletterer; Hugo Gotsch; Effrey A. Tuhtan; Juan Fran Fuentes-Perez; Maarja Kruusmaa
19567 Modelling and Optimization of Large Irrigation Systems
Frank Braunschweig; Sergio Costa; Antonio N. Pinheiro; Alexandra Carvalho
19568 Non-Contact Type Discharge Observation Considering River Bed Fluctuation During Flooding
Shun Kudo; Atsuhiro Yorozuya; Hiroshi Koseki; Toshiharu Fueta; Makoto Nakatsugawa
19569 Urban Flood Modelling Using a Novel Integrated Approach
F. Braunschweig; D. Brito; P. Garrett; L. Dias
19570 Monitoring Long-Term Suspended Sediment Yields in Germany: Quality Controls on Changing Sediment Sampling Strategies
Thomas Hoffmann; Gudrun Hillebrand; Jurgen Schmegg; Stefan Vollmer
19571 Simulation of Runoff Generation and Erosion in a Mediterranean Watershed Using 2D Shallow Water Equations
J. Fernandez-Pato; C. Juez; A. Tena; R. J. Batalla; P. Garcia-Navarro
19572 Itg Web-Based GIS Platform and Its Applicability to Integral Management of Surface Water Eutrophication
Hector J. Perez-Iglesias; Gonzalo Blazquez Gil; Sonia Gonzalez Vazquez; Analia Lopez Fidalgo; Oscar Gonzalez Represas
19573 Batch Processing Software for Velocity Time-Series Analysis
Mike Jesson; John Bridgeman; Mark Sterling
19574 Application of Multiple Surveying Techniques at a to-Be-Gauged River Section
Laura Longoni; Vladislav Ivanov; Davide Brambilla; Monica Papini; Chiara Brebbia; Enrico Teanini; Alessio Radice
19575 Q-View: A Comprehensive Software System for Quality Assessment of aDcp Streamflow Measurements
Hening Huang; Matthew Hull

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