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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7806 Preliminary Analysis of Tidal Level Change Due to River Discharge in the Yangtze River Estuary, China
Wei Chen; Cuiping Kuang; Jie Gu; Xiaodan Mao; Huidi Liang; Honglin Song
7807 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Bed Morphology Evolution in River Contractions
Giuseppe Oliveto; Maria Cristina Marino
7808 Investigations on Land Use/Land Cover Change and Climate Variability on Runoff Generation-a Case Study of Valapattnam River Basin, India
Sinha R. K. ; Eldho T. I. ; Ghosh S.
7809 Hydraulic Analysis of Resting Pool Preferences for Arctic Grayling (Thymallus Arcticus) in a Nature-Like Fishway: A Case Study in the Northern Canadian Barrenlands
Cody Kupferschmidt; Fred Noddin; David Z. Zhu; Bill Tonn
7810 Numerical Model for Napl Migration in Double-Porosity Subsurface Systems
Su Kong Ngien; Tan Lit Ken
7811 Molecular Biology-Based Evaluation of Fish Migration in Rivers
Keiko Muraoka; Ikuko Masumoto; Yoshihiro Agata; Munehiro Ota; Yasushi Yamahara; Yuichi Seguchi; Tatsuo Asukagawa; Yuichi Kayaba
7812 Effect of Reclamation on Hydrodynamics in the Shuanglong River Estuary
Huidi Liang; Cuiping Kuang; Jie Gu; Wei Chen; Xiaodan Mao; Honglin Song
7813 Research on Key Technologies in the Development of NAM Ngiep 2 Hydropower Project in Lao Pdr
Xianming Chen
7814 A Comparison Between Different Approaches for the Numerical Treatment of Bottom Discontinuities in a Dg Perspective
Valerio Caleffi; Alessandro Valiani; Gang Li
7815 Optimal Mooring Configuration for Tunnel Element During Immersion Standby
Yue Song; Guoxing Huang; Ningchuan Zhang; Yuguo Pei; Yongxue Wang

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