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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7951 The Impacts of Tide on the Flow Division at the Apex of the Pearl River Delta
Wei Zhang; Jing Du
8207 Numerical Modelling of 2D Wave Transformation Processes from Nearshore to a Shallow Foreshore: Comparison Between the Mike21, Swash and Xbeach Models
De Roo; S. ; Suzuki; T. ; Kolokythas; G. ; Zhao; G. ; Verwaest; T.
7952 Evaluation of Bed Load Transport Processes in Steep Channels Based on Tracer Stone Data
Gabriele Harb; Gabriel Spreitzer; Josef Schneider
8208 Modeling of Gradually-Varied Flow Through Submerged Semi-Rigid Blade-Type Vegetation
Busari; Afis Olumide; Li; Chi Wai
7953 Sediment Transport in Steep Channels with a Uniform Grain Size
C. Juez; F. Franzini; S. Soares-Frazao; J. Murillo; P. García-Navarro
8209 Influence of Channel Erosion on Fish Habitat Utilization
Parna Parsapour-Moghaddam; Colin D. Rennie; Jon Midwood; Maja Cvetkovic; Steven J. Cooke
7954 Drag Force and Resistance Around Single Groyne in Submerged Flow Condition
Akihiro Kadota; W. S. J. Uijttewaal
8210 Modeling the Erosivity of Frontal Storms in the Semi-Arid Climate of Central Chile Using Cligen
Gabriel P. Lobo; Carlos A. Bonilla
7955 Field Experiment on the Dynamics of Fine and Coarse Sediments over a Gravel Bar in an Alpine River
Benoit Camenen; Albert Herrero; Guillaume Dramais; Fabien Thollet; Chloe Le Bescond; Emeline Perret; Celine Berni
8211 Analytical Hill Chart Towards the Maximisation of Energy Recovery in Water Utility Networks with Counter-Rotating Runners Micro-Turbine
Loïc Olfatto; João Delgado; Elena Vagnoni; Cécile Münch-Alligné; François Avellan

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