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Proceedings of the 28th IAHR World Congress (Graz, 1999)

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13543 Similarities and Differences in Hydraulic, Hydrologic and Hydrogeologic Approaches to Karst Groundwater Investigations
Ognjen Bonacci
13544 Residual Fluid Dissolution Fingering in Porous Media: Experiment in a Water-Air System
Fritz Stauffer; Oscar Osorio; Wolfgang Kinzelbach
13545 Seawater Intrusion into Limestone Aquifer of Yoron Island, Japan: Field Survey and Immiscible Approach
Kazuro Momii; Jun-Ichi Shoji
13546 Experimental and Mathematical Modelling of Prognoses of Geohydraulic Changes Caused by Coal Excavation
Jirina Trckova
13547 Consequences of Open-PIT Coal Mining on the Geohydraulical System (Case Study)
Josef Hanzlik; Jirina Trckova
13548 Numerical Modeling of Phase Change During Bioventing: Influence of Injection Flow Rates and Thermal Conductivity
Lee G. Glascoe; Steven J. Wright; Linda M. Abriola
13549 Effect of Air Migration on Volatile Contaminant Concentration in Subsurface Environment
N. Egusa; T. Hirata; K. Fukuura; T. Matsushita
13550 Retention and Relative Permeability Relations of Immiscible Fluids Based on Pressure Cell Data
J. H. Dane; M. Jalbert
13551 Flow Analysis Around Underground Storage Caverns Incorporating Spatial Nonuniformity of Hydraulic Conductivity
Chung Il Moon; Cho Woncheol; Heo Jun-Haeng
13552 Measurements of the Groundwater Flow Velocity in the Observation Wells and Their Vertical Distributions
Keiichi Yamada; Daizo Ueda

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