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Proceedings of the 28th IAHR World Congress (Graz, 1999)

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13653 Mathematical and Engineering Modelling of the Surface Sea Phytodampers
Ventzeslav A. Dzhupanov; Jordan G. Marinski
13654 Experimental Study of Re-Suspension of Cohesive Sediments of Elbe River
Rudis Miroslav; Z. Alesky Jan; Kos Jan
13655 Discharge Coefficient of Side Weirs. Experimental Study and Comparative Analysis of Different Formulas
Antonio N. Pinheiro; Isabel N. Silva
13656 Coping with Strong Cross Flows at Pump Intakes
Tatsuaki Nakato; Markus Krutten
13657 Hydrodynamic Pressure of Filling and Emptying System and Flow-Induced Vibration of Reversed Tainter Gate of the Lock at Wuqiangxi Hydroproject
Li Shiqin; Wu Yihong; Xie Shenzong; Li Changhe
13658 Multiblock-Parallel Computation of Turbulent Flows and Their Effects on Cohesive Sediment in Intake Channel
S. Ushijima N.; Yoneyama; N. Tanaka
13659 Prediction of Maximum Scour Depth at Bed Sills
Roberto Gaudio; Andrea Marion
13660 Drop Inlet Spillways in Lithuania
V. Damulevicius; B. Ruplys
13661 Scour Downstream of Free Overfall Spillway
Masoud Ghodsian; Ardeshir Azar Faradonbeh; Ali Akbar Abbasi
13662 Dynamic Behavior of Bed Material Around Bridge Pier Under Abrupt Change of Water Pressure
Md. Faruque Mia; Hiroshi Nago

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