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Proceedings of the 28th IAHR World Congress (Graz, 1999)

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13713 Simulation of Hydrodynamic Processes in a River System Using Artificial Neural Networks
S. M. Mahbubur Rahman; Yonas B. Dibike
13714 A Complementary Stream-Network and Watershed Model for River Basins in Plain and Urban Areas (CSWM)
Luo Qiang; Nobuyuki Tamai; Yangwen Jia; Guangwei Huang
13715 Improving the Quality of Judgement in Environmental Impact Assessment by Using an Analytic Hierarchy Process
B. Bazartseren; D. P. Solomatine; A. W. Minns; M. B. Abbott
13716 A Study on the Reservoir Operation for Flood Control Using Fuzzy Control Technique
Shim Jae Hyun; Kim Jitae; Heo Jun-Haeng; Cho Woncheol
13717 An Integrated System for the Supervision and Management of the Stream Network of Greater Athens Area
N. Labropoulos; M. Saros; T. Tsialas; V. K. Tsoukala
13718 Tsho Rolpa Glof Warning System Project
W. W. Bell; T. Donich; K. L. Groves; D. Sytsma
13719 Application of GIS-Technologies for Decision of Spatial-Distribute Problems of Water Engineering Systems Management
Y. S. Vasilyev; N. V. Arefiev; V. L. Badenko; G. K. Osipov
13720 Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model Applied Bo-Cheong Stream Basin
G. B. Yeon; K. H. Yoon; H. S. Cho
13721 Application of the River System Simulator for Optimising Environmental Flow in a Norwegian Regulated River
Atle Harby; Per Ludvig Bjerke; Jo Halvard Halleraker; Torulv Tjomsland; Kjetil Arne Vaskinn; Nicolai Osthus
13722 Extending the Range of Environmental Impact Assessment Using Internet
Huang Yan; Slavco Velickov; Michael B. Abbott

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