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Proceedings of the 28th IAHR World Congress (Graz, 1999)

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13613 Water Hammer in Branched Networks
Massimo Greco; Armando Carravetta
13614 Adverse Slope Hydraulic Jump: Sequent Depth
Alessandro Peruginelli; Stefano Pagliara
13615 Hydrodynamic Loads on Offshore Platforms. a Case Study for a Location in Romanian Zoneof Black Sea
Mihail Popescu; Adrian Simbotin
13616 Bed Shear Stress Governing Erosion on Cohesive Mixtures
Renaat De Sutter; Marc Huygens; Ronny Verhoeven
13617 Comparison of Flow Patterns and Other Hydraulic Characteristics in Model Tests Under Atmospheric and Ambient Vacuum Pressures
Li Yongmei; Wang Yongsheng; Zhang Dong
13618 Studies on a New Approach of Cavitation Erosion Test for Non-Metallic Materials
Liu Zhiping; Zhang Dong; Jin Tailai
13619 Experimental Investigation of Cavitation Problems in Plunge Pool of High Arch Dam
Wang Yongsheng; Li Yongmei; Zhang Dong
13620 Safety Factor for Designing Hydraulic Structures Based on Smoothing Techniques
Kyung-Duk Kim; Jun-Haeng Heo; Woncheol Cho
13621 Modifications to a Fish Pass at Tongland Dam
A. Ervine; B. Couvel; J. Stuart; C. Carnie
13622 3D Free Surface Model of Laboratory Channel with Rectangular Broad-Crested Weir
Akhtaruzzaman Sarker; David G. Rhodes

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