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Proceedings of the 31st IAHR World Congress (Seoul, 2005)

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ID Title Authors Year
16492 Review and Vision on Yellow River Drying-Out
Yaozeng Luo; Hong Gan; Ling Wang
16493 Cyclic Floodplain Rejuvenation of Lowland Rivers
Harm Duel; Marjolijn Haasnoot; Martin Baptist
16494 Secondary Currents and Flow Variability in Straight Open Channels: Implications for Stream Restoration Projects
Jose F. Rodriguez; Marcelo H. Garcia
16495 A Field Observation on the Ecosystem and Water Quality and Their Seasonal Variations in an Irrigation Pond with a Floating-Leaved Plant (Nymphoides Indica) Community
Jiro Maruyama; Masanori Nakai; Tomoya Murata; Masamitsu Arita
16496 An Experimental Study on Downstream Recirculation Zone of Single Groyne Conditions
Hong Koo Yeo; Joon Gu Kang; Sung Jung Kim
16497 Influence of Water Quality Forecasting Due to Realtime Monitoring Data Handling
In-Sung Yeon; Sang-Jin Ahn; Gyu-Bang Yeon; Ung-Yong Kim
16498 A Preliminary Water Balance for Zhalong Wetland, Northeastern China
Daqing Liu; Shiguo Xu
16499 Velocity Distribution in Compound Channels with Vegetated Floodplains
Kejun Yang
16500 Effect of a Short-Term Reservoir Flushing on Downstream Water Quality During Drought Season
Se Woong Chung; Yu Kyung Kim; Ick Hwan Ko; Joon Woo Noh
16501 Nitrate Distribution in Soil Solution Under N Fertilization
Maria Birone Oncsik; Laszlo Nagy

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