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Proceedings of the 39th IAHR World Congress (Granada, 2022)

  • ISSN Online: 2521-716X
  • ISSN Print: 2521-7119
  • ISBN: 978-90-832612-1-8
  • Publisher: International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR)
  • Editor(s): Prof. Miguel Ortega-Sánchez, University of Granada, Spain
  • Related: 39th IAHR World Congress

Innovative approaches to water management challenges are needed more than ever to ensure sustainable and resilient societies worldwide. Under the overall theme "From Snow to Sea", the 39th IAHR World Congress focused on the importance of an integrated and intelligent approach to managing the whole water cycle to address the global challenges people and the environment face. The Congress highlighted IAHR's commitment to the critical role that sound understanding of the water cycle plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030.

Revision process 

The papers included in this volume were part of the 39th IAHR World Congress which took place in Granada, Spain, from 19 to 24 June 2022. Papers were selected and subjected to review by the Editor and the International Scientific Committee and followed a revision process with the following steps: (1) The committees involved in the organisation of the Congress established a set of technical criteria for the committee in charge of the revision. (2) Submitted papers were sent to one or two experts in the field. (3) Authors were asked to include the necessary amendments and follow the reviewers´ comments, and (4) Their work was reviewed until the final version was approved by the Editor.

Ethical guidelines and Code of Conduct

In addition to the technical criteria, IAHR publications follow the Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct provided by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE). A Publication Ethics and a Publication Malpractice statement are publicly available throughout the entire review process.

Besides the peer-reviewed papers, this volume contains the reports of the High-Level Panels.

The 39th IAHR World Congress proceedings are long-term preserved following the IAHR Policy of digital preservation archives


The International Scientific Committee (ISC) and the Advisory Board provide counsel and support to the Congress Organising Group (COG) for the scientific and technical coordination of the congress.



Front Matter 



Table of Contents 

 High-level panels reports


Special sessions

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ID Title Authors Year
20771 Grain Mobility in Gravel Bed Rivers: Insight from Field Measurements
Alain Recking; Mohamad Nasr; Adele Johannot; Jean-Paul Travert
20772 Scouring Processes for Extreme Hydrological Events: Review
Mouldi Ben Meftah; Diana De Padova; Francesca De Serio; Michele Mossa
20773 Field Validation of a Multi-River Calibration Curve for Passive Acoustic Bedload Transport Monitoring
Mohamad Nasr; Adele Johannot; Thomas Geay; Sebastien Zanker; Alain Recking
20774 Process-Based Investigation of Turbulent Suspension Properties in Energetic Open-Channel Flows
Helder Guta; David Hurther; Julien Chauchat
20775 Experimental Velocity Measurements of a Low-Submerged Flow Coupling RIM and PIV in a Gravel-Bedded Laboratory Flume
Giulia Stradiotti; Giuseppe Roberto Pisaturo; Markus Noack; Maurizio Righetti
20776 Coherent Structures, Sediment Entrainment and Varying Shields Numbers Below Threshold Conditions of Motion
Johannes Schobesberger; Thomas Gold; Kevin Reiterer; Dominik Worf; Petr Lichtneger; Christoph Hauer; Helmut Habersack; Christine Sindelar
20777 Scour Monitoring System
Antonija Harasti; Gordon Gilja; Matej Varga; Robert Fliszar
20778 Influence of Turbulent Flow Structure on Particle Motion over a Rough Bed Consisting of Hemispherical Roughness Elements
Kazumasa Matsumoto; Taka-Aki Okamoto; Michio Sanjou; Tetsuya Oishi
20779 Morphodynamic Changes at a Bifurcation Caused by a Vulcano Eruption
Gaston Priego; Alejandro Mendoza; Fabian Rivera; Eliseo Carrizosa; Ramon Dominguez
20780 Induced Sedimentation by a Control Structure in a River Bifurcation
Rene Diaz Carvajal; Alejandro Mendoza; Fabian Rivera-Trejo; Gaston Priego; Moises Berezowsky

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