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Proceedings of the 29th IAHR World Congress (Beijing, 2001)

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  • ISBN: 7-302-04676-X
  • Publisher: Tsinghua University Press
  • Editor(s): Guifen Li
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The XXIX IAHR Congress was held at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) in Beijing, September 16-21, 2001. The central theme of the Congress is: 21st Century: The New Era for Hydraulic Research and Its Applications

The central theme was broken down into the following subthemes:

More than 600 papers were presented in 93 sessions during the five days of the Congress. At the Congress two general reports, four keynote lectures and a number of invited lectures were given by leading scientists.

ID Title Authors Year
23123 Characterization of Dissolved Oxygen Depletion in Lake Yanaka
Guangwei Huang; Nobuyuki Tamai; Hajime Ishida
23124 Chemical Transport in a Sorbing Wave Boundary Layer
Chiu-On Ng
23125 Comparison of Simulated Salinity from a Three-Dimensional Transport Model with Observations in a Harbour
Cheng He; Paul F. Hamblin; Murray N. Charlton
23126 Conditions Suitable for Vegetation Growth on the Large Sand BAR in a Estuary
Koichi Suzuki; Akihiro Kadota; Yoshifumi Fujimori
23127 Current Status and Development of Prediction of Turbulence Model in Water Environmental Engineering
Ni Haoqing
23128 Deposition of the Sediment Mixture in a Steep Channel Reservoir with the Hydraulic Jump
Koichi Suzuki; Bal B. Parajuli; Akihiro Kadota; Masahiro Sakanashi
23129 Development of the Water-Purification Method in Ohmura Bay by Artificialbottom Roughness
Shinichiro Yano; Shuji Maeda; Hiroyoshi Togashi; Toshimitsu Komatsu; Naoko Kohashi
23130 Dimensionless Steady-State Nsod Model
Carlo Gualtieri
23131 Dynamical Behavior of the Metalimnion in Stratified Lakes
Y. Nino; J. Helmbrecht; F. Lopez; G. Buscaglia
23132 Ecological Project of Fu-Nan River Conservancy-Residence, Environment and Sustained Development of City
Xia Chun; Liu Haowu

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