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Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress (Brisbane, 2011)

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24692 Vegetative Drag in Natural, Foliated Plant Stands
K. Vastila; J. Jarvela; J. Aberle; T. Schoneboom
24693 A Comparison Study of BGK-and MRT-Lattice Boltzmann Method for Plane Cavity Flows
H. Liu; M. Li; A. P. Shu; Y. Gao
24694 Restoration of the Geomorphic Activity in the Middle Ebro River Floodplain Using Numerical Simulation
M. Gonzalez-Sanchis; J. Murillo; F. Comin; P. Garcia-Navarro
24695 Stochastic Storm Surge Simulation and the Multivariate Statistical Assessment of the Results via Copula Functions
T. Wahl; J. Jensen; C. Mudersbach
24696 Turbulence Kinetic Energy Dissipation Rate Estimation from PIV Velocity Fields: Application to the Study of the Flow in Vertical Slot Fishways
D. Calluaud; L. David; G. Pineau; A. Texier; M. Larinier
24697 Regional Patterns of Sea Level Change in the German North Sea Related to Global Scale Patterns -- -- Are IPCC Projections Reliable for Regional Planning Purposes?
T. Wahl; T. Frank; J. Jensen
24698 Historical Development of Side-Channel Spillway in Hydraulic Engineering
W. H. Hager; M. Pfister
24699 Sediment Dynamics of the Snowy River Estuary Entrance
C. S. Lauchlan Arrowsmith; J. B. Hinwood
24700 Evaluating Parameter Sensitivity for Surface Water Modelling of Ungauged Catchments
M. S. Gibbs; G. C. Dandy; H. R. Maier
24701 Adjustment Factors for Unsteady State-Discharge Measurements
N. Ozbey

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