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Proceedings of the 30th IAHR World Congress (Thessaloniki, 2003)

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25203 Flow and Water Quality Change in Brackish Lake Depending on the Change in Meteorological Conditions
T. Kurokawa; S. Fukuoka
25204 Effect of Harbor Construction on Neighbouring River and Lagoon Environments
S. Onishi; Y. Kitamura
25205 History of River Blockage and Stability Condition in Iwaki River Mouth
M. Sasaki; T. Takeuchi
25206 Relationship Between Salinity and Ecology of Genus Uca Lavae in the Yoshino River Mouth, Japan
K. Uno; S. Nakano
25207 Development of a Numerical Model to Test Alternatives to Control Saline Wedge Intrusion in an Estuary
K. Haralambidou; G. K. Sylaios; V. A. Tsihrintzis
25208 Study on the Relationship Between Estuarine Eutrophication and Red Tide Ecology
W. Deguan; J. Haiping
25209 A Mathematical Model for Predicting the Pollution Susceptibility of Semi-Enclosed Tidal Embayments
R. W. Barber; M. J. Earing
25210 Finite Volume Density-Coupled Estuary Modeling; Application to the Rio Maipo Case, Chile
B. Loose; C. Y. Nino
25211 Study on Features of Flow Field in Hangzhou Bay
G. Zhaoquan; N. Yongqiang; Z. Junzheng; G. Weihua
25212 Numerical Models in the Design of Saaremaa Deep Harbour
T. Liiv

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