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Proceedings of the 30th IAHR World Congress (Thessaloniki, 2003)

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25213 Sediment Transport Modelling in a Square Model Harbour
O. Kocyigit; B. Lin
25214 Improvement of Water Quality in a Small Port by Control of Tidal Current
S. Yano; A. Tada; T. Nakamura; H. Nonaka; H. Hishinokubi; N. Kohashi; Y. Kouyama; T. Yada; S. Todoroki; T. Komatsu
25215 Use of Mathematical Model to Evaluate the Impact of Oil Spill at Mongla Port and Sundarban Mangrove Forest
S. U. Choudhury; K. C. Dey; S. Ugioka
25216 Use of Artificial Means to Improve Water Quality in Large Bodies of Water
K. H. M. Ali; L. S. Tong; H. Rich
25217 Experimental Study of Entrainment in Various Estuarial Barrage/Baffle Arrangements
K. H. M. Ali; K. Whyte; S. Bassiakos; R. Burrows
25218 Modelling Study of Buoyancy-Driven Exchange Flows over a Descending Barrier
A. J. S. Cuthbertson; P. A. Davies; M. J. Coates
25219 A Non-Hydrostatic Numerical Modelling of Exchange Flows
Y. Kanarska; V. Maderich
25220 On the Prediction of Salinity Reduction Using Numerical Modeling and Empirical Equations
A. Etemadshahidi; A. Hadjmomeni; T. Asano
25221 Modelling Particle Flocculation Effects at a Freshwater/Saltwater Interface in a River/Estuary System
J. R. Harrington; J. P. O'Kane
25222 Diffusional Mass Transfer Across a Sediment/Water Interface of Finite Length
M. Higashino; H. G. Stefan

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