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Master Plan | Flood Control | Piura River Basin

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An integral vision of the flooding situation in the Piura river basin and its consequences in the anthropogenic basin and the new alignment of the river at its final outlet to the sea, has been carried out in this study, based on three basic concepts: (i) socialisation with stakeholders in the upper, middle and lower Piura, as well as in the anthropogenic basin; (ii) knowledge of the Piura river basin and the anthropogenic La Niña basin, for the establishment of an integrated flood control and sediment transport management programme; and iii) definition of structural and non-structural measures working with what is available and avoiding high social and economic costs, based on a cost-benefit analysis methodology strategy, and in the framework of a compatibility of flood control and sediment management with water demand for irrigation and other multipurpose projects.

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MSc. Cesar Adolfo Alvarado Ancieta

Cesar Alvarado Ancieta - Team Leader - International Expert: River Engineering, Flood Control, Sedimentation, Hydropower & Dams

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