Climate-Change Sensitive Water Resources Management - 1st IAHR Online Forum

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Based on contents of two monographs Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management Under Climate Change and Climate Change-Sensitive Water Resources Management, this session will revolve around the chapters of both books. The first book covers topics that range from hydrological modelling to management and policy responses to climate change and water resources management. Real life case studies from several countries provide applications and limitations of climate variability modelling and scenario formulation as well as policy options to adapt.

The second book provides an overview of climate change-sensitive water resources management with consideration of adaptation approaches, the assessment of climate change impacts, current contemporary management techniques, and ecological responses. Comprehensive assessments and studies from eight countries using innovative approaches that aid water management under evolving climates are documented. Special interest can be found in the applications to different climate change-related problems. The practical and applied methodologies presented in the books and the insightful case studies discussed will provide participants with knowledge on managing water resources sustainably under evolving climate.

We will divide the chapters of our books into the following parts:

  • Hydrological aspects of Climate Change

  • Decision Making for managing water resources under climate change

  • Adaptive policy case studies under climate change

  • The way ahead- What needs our attention

We will choose 2-3 persons for each part who will have a small 5' presentation depicting chapters of the books and then 5' Q&A from the participants.

Climate-Change Sensitive Water Resources Management

10:45 UTC/GMT

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