Webinar on Seaweed nature-based solutions for coastal resilience

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IAHR Young Professionals Webinar Series

Seaweed nature-based solutions for coastal resilience

Wednesday 17 April 2024 | 3 pm CEST

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Under the world’s current global climate context, there is an urge to find solutions that combine ecological and technical/engineering issues to improve coastal resilience. Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) seem to be a promising alternative.

In this workshop we will discuss the current status of NBS for coastal resilience, focusing on using the capacity of natural ecosystems to increase coastal resilience while providing their biodiversity and numerous other ecosystem services that underpin human wellbeing. The discussion will centre on kelp forests and how they can be used as NBS. To this end, two ongoing projects will be presented:

  • The BlueForesting project – the ecological value of kelps and the importance of restoring these ecosystems.

  • The AQUABREAK project – the use of seaweed aquaculture as NBS to promote wave energy reduction and coastal resilience.

The presentation of the projects will be designed to illustrate the use of seaweed-based ecosystems as NBS (case studies).



Francisco Pinto

Francisco Pinto

Faculty of Engineering

University of Porto, Portugal

Pieter Rauwoens

Pieter Rauwoens

Faculty of Engineering Technology KU Leuven, Belgium

Bárbara Proença

Bárbara Proença



Francisco Arenas

Francisco Arenas




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