IAHR signs A Memorandum of Understanding with the Portuguese Water Resources Association (APRH)

IAHR signs A Memorandum of Understanding with the  Portuguese Water Resources Association (APRH)


IAHR signs an agreement with Associação Portuguesa dos Recursos Hídricos (APRH) during the 8th IAHR Europe Congress in Lisbon. IAHR continues seeking to work with national water engineering associations across the world to share and leverage the latest research and best practices. 

The agreement reinforces the shared vision of both the Associação Portuguesa dos Recursos Hídricos and IAHR to promote holistic water management.  The agreement  accelerates the benefits of international exchange, by providing valuable opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and joint initiatives on regional and global scales. We look forward to the fruits of this cooperation! 

Contact Elsa Incio, IAHR for more information.  

About APRH

The Associação Portuguesa dos Recursos Hídricos (APRH) is a Portuguese non-profit technical and scientific association whose activities centre on water issues. It was founded in 1977, with an innovative vision, aiming at contributing to policies based on the principles and values of integrated water resources management. APRH has the following objectives: IAHR - APRH

  1. to further progress the knowledge of water resources, namely in the fields of water management, planning, development, administration, science, technology, research and education; 

  2. to promote and support the cooperation of interested individuals and entities in creating a suitable institutional framework for solving national water resources problems; 

  3. to support and participate in the dissemination of the concept and implementation of suitable policies for water resources management in Portugal; 

  4. to collaborate with related foreign organisations and to promote Portuguese participation in international water resources programmes.

In the picture IAHR President Philippe Gouversville and Jorge Cardoso Gonçalves, President of APRH. 


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