The Challenges of Global Water Security: Linking Policy to Water Solutions


IAHR Global Water Security Working Group 4th Webinar on
The Challenges of Global Water Security: Linking Policy to Water Solutions

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

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We are honored to have some of the world's top scholars and researchers in the webinar:


Ms. Cate Lamb


Prof. Angelos Findikakis

Peter Goodwin.jpg

Prof. Peter Goodwin


Prof. Roger Falconer


Prof. Arthur Mynett


Following the success of the first three IAHR webinars on 'The Business of Global Water Security', 'The Science of Global Water Security', and 'The Fundamentals of Global Water Security'. each attracting a global audience of several thousand page views, it is now timely to focus on 'The Challenges of Global Water Security: Linking Policy to Water Solutions'.

Many of the world's large aquatic and marine ecosystems are increasingly severely stressed due to population growth and redistribution, deteriorating water quality and depleting water quantity, and climate change leading to increased vulnerability to floods and droughts and the increasing loss of native species and cultural resources. There has been a growing interest in aiming to balance water supply reliability, protect communities and existing infrastructure, and foster economic development, while trending towards sustaining a healthy earth system. Some of the most vulnerable communities to floods and droughts, or those most affected by sea-level rise and coastal erosion, are place-bound by poverty or a culture requiring social justice to be a central axiom of planning and adaptation. As the severity and urgency of responding to climate change intensifies, resilience and mitigation measures are becoming better understood, with many countries, states and financial institutions requiring these factors to be included in any water management investments. This webinar will focus on these points and discuss how policy and associations, such as IAHR, can contribute to creating impactful engineering and research solutions to address these challenges.

This fourth webinar in this series focuses on some of these issues. Our first speaker Cate Lamb, of CDP, will focus on: investor interest in the corporate response to water security and why it matters, how a large international non-profit organisation, such as CDP, has satisfied investor interest, what we have learnt from 10 years of corporate water disclosure and what opportunities exist for engagement from the research community, such as IAHR. Our second speaker Angelos Findikakis, from Bechtel Corporation and Stanford University, will focus on: outlining policies as a system of principles that guide governance, how and why policies are needed to facilitate the search for, and the adaptation of, effective solutions to address water security, formulating development goals (such as the SDGs), providing solutions to water supply by deploying new principles, providing protection from catastrophic water events and what can scientific and engineering associations, such as IAHR, do to help overcome some of the obstacles to providing solutions to water security. Our final speaker Peter Goodwin, President of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, will focus on: the scarcity of water and the unpredictability of this precious resource in terms of timing, quantity and quality, complex dynamic water management systems and why it is often very difficult to identify tipping points before we are close to, or past, the limit, the need for policy makers and managers to make decisions in the face of uncertainty, and deal with the challenges of scale in the context of spatial, temporal and economic scales. These concepts will be explored in the context of some lessons learned from large ecosystems recovery programmes that have been implemented over the past three decades in the USA.  

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Introduction (10 mins)

Invited talks

  • Triggering Transformation: How Corporate Transparency Has Moved the Dial in Favour of Water Security (40 mins) » Download slides

    Ms. Cate Lamb | Global Director, Water Security of CDP

  • The Challenging Road from Lofty Declarations to Specific Actions (40 mins) » Download slides
    Prof. Angelos Findikakis | Bechtel Corporation and Stanford University, USA

  • Achieving Water Supply and Ecosystem Recovery Goals in an Uncertain Future (40 mins) » Download slides

    Prof. Peter Goodwin | President, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, USA

Q&A (20 mins)

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This webinar is sponsored by China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), China's top national research institute on water resources and hydropower under the direct administration of China's Ministry of Water Resources. IWHR also hosts IAHR's Global Secretariat Beijing.



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