Ecohydraulics and Nature-based Solutions for Water Security

1st IAHR Online Forum: Ecohydraulics and Nature-Based Solutions for Water Security


Ecohydraulics and Nature-Based Solutions for Water Security

Tuesday, 6 July 2021
06:00-07:30 UTC/GMT | 08:00-09:30 Madrid | 11:30-13:00 New Delhi | 14:00-15:30 Beijing | 23:00-12:30 Los Angeles (5 July) | 02:00-03:30 New York

There is a clear call for a more Nature-based approach to water management challenges related to increasing population pressure and climate change is. Institutions from the global to the local level are advocating to take Nature-based Solutions into account when evaluation alternative solutions for a given water management challenge, being it in urban, rural, riverine, estuarine or coastal systems. Backed by an increasing number of policies such as the Paris-agreement, the EU-Green Deal and National Environmental Policies there is a growing effort to increase the evidence base of pilots to show the benefits of a wide range of Nature-based Solutions. Yet, upscaling and large-scale implementation remains challenging due to perceived barriers related to uncertainties in their perceived performance, the financing paragraph and potential socio-economic challenges.

During this general session we will discuss the importance of a good connection between the different actors involved in the development of this increased call for Nature-based Solutions with a range of high-level representatives of various key-institutions that play a role in the realization of NbS around the globe.

This general session is followed by an interactive discussion with interested IAHR members on how they can contribute to the newly established working group on NbS within IAHR. During this discussion we identify what actions can be taken by such working group and who would want to be included in a pro-active manner to carry out these actions.

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1st IAHR Online Forum: Ecohydraulics and Nature-Based Solutions for Water Security

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Keynote Speakers

Tomasz Okruszko

Qiuchi Shi

Ji-eun Choi

Klaas de Groot

Session Chair

Ellis Penning


Welcome and short introduction (10 mins)

  • Ellis Penning | Senior researcher on aquatic ecology and nature based solutions, Deltares, Netherlands

Keynote speeches (20 mins each)

  • Tomasz Okruszko | Chair of Metorology Hydrology and Water Resources, Warsaw University of Life Sciences; Polish Global Water Partnership, Poland
    Nature Base Solution – Does it Work?

  • Qiuchi Shi | Former Director, International Economic and Technical Cooperation and Exchange Center, Ministry of Water Resources, China
    Nature-Based Solutions for Water Security: Practice in China and Some Thinking

  • Ji-eun Choi | Senior Manager, Water Environmental Management Department, Environmental Division, K-water, Korea
    Korean Green-Blue Network for Water and Ecosystems

  • Klaas de Groot | Senior Specialist Water Resources Management, World Bank, Washington DC
    Improving Water Security through Green Infrastructure; Global Perspectives and Experiences from the World Bank

Reflection from IAHR perspective – general discussion with speaker panel (20 mins)

Coffee break (10 mins)

Interactive discussion with IAHR members on IAHR working group on NbS (20 mins)


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