1st IAHR Online Forum: Hydro-Environmental Challenges, Solutions and Trends for Water Security


How will the Sessions take place?

If you followed our 85th IAHR Anniversary Summit organised in December 2020, or any of our other IAHR online events, you’ll be familiar with how these events work. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again! Here’s a quick recap of how the event will unfold.

For each session, speakers and panellists will attend an ordinary Zoom meeting, speaking and presenting their slides inside the Zoom application, while the audience will be able to watch the live-stream on a LIVE page on the IAHR website right from a browser (no need to install any application), posting comments and questions on the same page.

Simply put: the speakers will be speaking in a Zoom meeting, and the audience will watch them live on the LIVE page.

Participating in a Session

Every session chair, speaker and panellist will receive an email with the Zoom session ID and password. You will be participating in a session inside the Zoom application just like you would for any other online meeting using Zoom -- only this time the meeting will be broadcast to the whole world!

For the general audience, you don't need to install Zoom at all, you can simply watch and interact directly from a browser.

To watch IAHR live-streamed events, all you need is a browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.) on your PC or mobile devices. It’s just like watching a video on YouTube. The only difference will be that while you are watching live, you can also post comments and raise questions right on the same LIVE page, and the questions might be selected and answered by the speakers during the Q&A session of the events.

The access links for all the sessions will be listed on the Online Forum 2021 » LIVE page, and also separately on the promotional page of each session listed on the Online Forum 2021 » PROGRAMME page.

Preparing your slides

In addition to the general suggestions for preparing good presentation slides, here are some tips specifically for slides used in a webinar:

  1. Use a template when asked to. For the 1st IAHR Online Forum, you can download the template from Online Forum 2021 » RESOURCES » Event templates » PPT template.

  2. The slide size should be in widescreen (16:9) to best fit the video window. Go to and select PowerPoint » Design » Slide Size » Widescreen (16:9):

  3. Reduce or avoid the use of transitions and animations, both of which could make your slides look slow-motion and messy especially when the Internet connection is not very fast.

  4. Avoid placing important things in the upper righthand corner of your slides since very often the corner will be overlaid by the video of your own camera.

  5. Always send a copy of your finalized slides to the organiser. If you have a slow connection, this will allow the organiser to play your slideshow while you can remotely control your slides or just speak and let them click next page for you.


Watching from a browser, the audience can still comment or ask questions for the speakers in a live session to answer. Under the video screen on the right of the LIVE page, you can click Q&A to post your comments and questions. These comments and questions will be collected and loaded into the CHAT box of the Zoom application so that all the speakers, or only the session chair, can see and decide which questions are to be responded to.


You are encouraged to register your interest in the 1st IAHR Online Forum so you can receive emails with the latest news and announcements. However, to access a LIVE session of the 1st IAHR Online Forum, all you need is the link to get you there (see the Participating in a Session above). You do not even need to log in with an IAHR account this time.

Using Zoom

For the most updated instructions on how to use Zoom, go to Zoom Support. IAHR also has not-that-up-to-date but simplified instructions for using Zoom to help you. Here are some quick points to pay attention to:

  1. Mute yourself when not speaking so as to avoid any embarrasssing sound on your side from being broadcast to the whole world.

  2. When your video is on, there is always chance that you will be seen. For privacy and image concerns, please get out of the camera or temporarily turn off your video when you need to, for example, blow your nose.

  3. Use a virtual background when asked to. For the 1st IAHR Online Forum, you can download the template from Online Forum 2021 » RESOURCES » Event templates » Virtual background. To set a virtual background go to Zoom » Setting » Background & Filters » Virtual Backgrounds:

Promoting the Forum and Your Session

We would be very grateful if you could help us promote the Forum and make it a success, in particular the session you are participating in. To do so, you will find a set of visuals and banners at: Online Forum 2021 » RESOURCES » Media resources » Plenary Sessions banners.

You can also share this website and/or the events which have been created on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

Still feel confused?

Don't hesitate to send your questions or suggestions to

Last updated: 2021-06-30


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