Digital Transformation of Urban Water Systems

1st  IAHR Online Forum: Digital Transformation of Urban Water Systems


Digital Transformation of Urban Water Systems

14:00 UTC | 15:00 London | 16:00 Madrid | 19:30 New Delhi | 22:00 Beijing | 24:00 Sydney | 07:00 Los Angeles | 10:00 New York
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

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"Digital water" or "digital transformation in the water sector" are two of the most relevant internet search phrases in the hydraulic field in recent years. Usually, Digital Water is used to collect all the technological advances related to automation and sensing of water systems and, at the same time, all the methodological and modelling improvements that help the water manager in the analysis, simulation and prediction of complex systems and networks. Improving our understanding of urban water systems, the possibility of having a detailed modelling double of the real system opens several possible management scenarios helping to verify the impact of different strategies to improve performance, reduce uncertainty in decision making, prevent problems. The sessions will show how Digital Water is not novel but it is the product of decades of scientific and technological advancements. Providing examples both in water distribution and in urban drainage, methodological and technological aspects will be touched showing that this is a multi-disciplinary sector and that hydraulic and hydrologic knowledge is fundamental to adapt digital opportunities to the water sector.


Ni-Bin Chang

Luigi Berardi

Daniele Laucelli

Paola Cuero

Talia Rosin

Maria Sambito

Andrei Georgescu

Session Chairs

Ibrahim Demir

Jeffery S. Horsburgh




  • Ni-Bin Chang | Director, Stormwater Management Academy, University of Central Florida, USA
    Digital transition of resilient constructed wetlands for ecosystem conservation [Slides]

  • Luigi Berardi | University of Chieti Pescara, Italy
    Daniele Laucelli | Polythecnic of Bari, Italy
    Digital twins for water distribution management and maintenance

  • Paola Cuero | University of Los Andes, Colombia
    WDN optimal design based on power use

  • Talia Rosin | University of Exeter, UK
    Sewer blockage detection and prediction

  • Maria Sambito | University of Palermo, Italy
    Optimal sensing for urban drainage water quality

Discussion and Q&A (15-30 mins)


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