IAHR Sponsorship of Technical Committee Event and Regional Congress

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As a highly-regarded scientific organisation the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), gives a high priority to ensuring the success of its conferences by supporting the local organisers to maintain and enhance the quality of the event. 

Our Technical Committees and Regional Divisions are fully equipped to render the required scientific support or back-up for the LOC. This can consist of contributions from Council members and/or Committee Officers (scientific committee, session chairman, rapporteur or to help identify other keynote speakers). The IAHR Secretariat has considerable experience in promotion of events and can also assist with the publishing of Proceedings, provision of congress websites and providing a permanent on-line depository of papers.

What IAHR Offers as sponsor

  • Use of IAHR Logo for event promotion (download IAHR logo in different versions here)

  • Use of IAHR Conference Platform to host online/offline event

  • Listed in Events Calendar of IAHR website

  • Distribution of announcements in related IAHR technical communities, regional communities through IAHR mailings

  • Promotion in IAHR website and social medias with banners in requested sizes below:

    1920 x 635 px (IAHR Website Carousel)

    1200 x 630 px (Facebook and Linkedin)

    1080 x 1080 px (Instagram)

    1024 x 512 px (Twitter)

    1080 x 1920 px (Stories)

    900 x 383 px (WeChat)

  • Promotion in NewsFlash with regular news

  • Scientific support from the IAHR Technical Committees most closely linked to the main theme of the conference

  • Half-page advertising space in HydroLink (not free)

  • Banner ad in NewsFlash (not free)

  • Mailing with Hydrolink magazine (not free)

  • IAHR proceedings publishing both printed and online (not free)

  • Other forms of assistance from the IAHR Secretariat

  • ......

 IAHR Requirements for Sponsorship

  • Fill the IAHR Event Information Collector Form before the conference

  • Clearly offer reduced registration fee (10-15% off) for all IAHR members. A note to this effect should be highlighted in the conference registration page

  • Place IAHR Members Registration Discount banner below on the conference website for a direct link to IAHR Membership Website


  • Make a financial contribution to IAHR:

    Technical committee events: 1% of the registration fees;

    Regional congresses: 3% of the registration fees.

  • Provide IAHR the list of delegates, including e-mail addresses and status of registration after the conference

  • Provide IAHR the proceedings together with information on long-term availability for including in IAHR website

  • Offer a stand for IAHR for free if being requested by IAHR

  • Send Post-Event Reporting Form to IAHR

  • If the event is held online, send IAHR the recordings to be uploaded to Video Library

  • Add "IAHR Event Registration: Terms and Conditions" (download here ) to the registration form of the conference website

  • ......

Contact Us

Ms. Jenny Lu
Technical Division Programme Officer
+86 10 6878 1615


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