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International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR)Connect to one of the world's largest and most engaged audiences of hydro-environment engineers and researchers

- 5,000+ hydro-environment engineers, professionals, researchers

- 100+ leading organisations, authorities, laboratories, companies, educational institutions

- 2,500+ young water professionals

With more than 5,000 members, including top hydro-environment engineers, professionals, and researchers, leading organisations, authorities, laboratories, companies, and educational institutions involved in hydro-environment engineering, research, management, practice and application across the world, the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) provides you with the best platform to carry your message to the hydro-environment engineering community.

 Hydrolink Magazine

Reach our unique audience through an engineering reference and trusted trade magazine!

Hydrolink Magazine 2022, 2: Global Water SecurityHydrolink Magazine guarantees a strong impact

- 28,000+ subscribers from the public sector, industry, and academia

- Readers from 90+ countries

- On paper and online

- Themed issues

- Published 4 times a year

Hydrolink, IAHR’s flagship magazine, brings to the engineering community the latest developments in the field of hydro-environment engineering and research.

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 NewsFlash: IAHR eNewsletter

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NewsFlash WorldAn audience unlike any other

24,000+ have signed up 

- A clear target audience: hydro-environment engineers, professionals, and researchers.

NewsFlash World, the global IAHR eNewsletter, is the fastest and most effective way to engage your target audience with your message. Advertising in our eNewsletter will boost your website traffic and expose your organisation, products, events, and services to our distinctive community.

In addition, two regional eNewsletters, NewsFlash Iberoamerica and NewsFlash Europe, allow you to narrow your focus even further.

Available ad units and rates (Price per issue)

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 IAHR events

An opportunity to truly engage with our community and build stronger, more connected relationships

Our world and regional congresses, congresses for young professionals, technical symposiums, seminars, conferences, workshops, and webinars allow scientists, engineers, organisations, authorities, companies, and early career professionals from countries around the world to meet, share, and discuss recent advances and experiences, developments, and applications, and identify innovative and emerging trends in hydro-environmental science and engineering.

IAHR events give your organisation/company a chance to showcase your business to an audience of leading hydro-environment experts and professionals, position your brand at reference events in their field providing you with the space to interact with attendees, connect with like-minded people and grow your network, showcase your products, services, and solutions to a large and specific audience… and much more!

IAHR World Congresses

39th IAHR World Congress | Granada, Spain

- 6 meeting days: 19-24 June 2022

- 1,200+ delegates

- 70+ nations

40th IAHR World Congress | Vienna, Austria

- 21-25 August 2023

IAHR Technical Symposiums and Conferences

A wide range of technical symposiums and conferences covering the whole spectrum of the hydro-environment discipline 

• Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics (ISEH) 

• Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems 

• Symposium on Hydraulic Structures 

• Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurement 

• International Symposium on Ecohydraulics 

• International Conference on Flood Management 

• International Groundwater Symposium 

• International Symposium on Ice 

• International Conference on Hydroinformatics 

• International Symposium on Outfall Systems 

• International Conference on Urban Drainage (ICUD)

Are you looking for a wider partnership? Advertising and sponsorship possibilities at IAHR events can be fine-tuned to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your advertising and/or sponsorship requirements.

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