IAHR Journal of Hydraulic Research

ISSN: 1814-2079(online) 0022-1686(Print)

6 issues per year

The journal publishes research papers in theoretical, experimental and computational hydraulics and fluid mechanics, relating to rivers, lakes, estuaries, coasts, constructed waterways, and some internal flows such as pipe flows. To reflect current trends in water research, articles that explore outcomes of interdisciplinary hydro-environment studies with a strong fluid mechanical component are especially welcome. Although preference is given to fundamental issues, papers focusing on important unconventional or emerging applications of broad interest are also appreciated. This may also include results of field studies and interdisciplinary studies. Further included is publication of sta

IAHR Journal of River Basin Management

ISSN: 1571-5124 (print) 1814-2060(on line)

4 issues per year

The Journal plays a specific role in promoting a cross-sectorial approach encompassing all aspects of river and floodplain management, with a truly global perspective, and available to subscribers at a reasonable price. Launched at the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto, March 2003, with overwhelming interest, this Journal is published in four issues per year in print and electronic format, and is co-published by IAHR with IAHS and INBO. The Journal is a response by the scientific and professional community to the World Water Vision and calls by the World Water Council and Global Water Partnership for an integrated approach to water resources management. Papers will be accepted in all areas of

IAHR Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research

ISSN: 2324-9676 (Online)

4 issues per year

This peer-reviewed Journal launched in 2013 publishes papers and practical case studies on all aspects of hydro-environment engineering and research. Practically-oriented papers and case studies are particularly welcome. Papers cover fluid systems in the hydrosphere, such as rivers, lakes, coastal waters and groundwater within an engineering context, and including hydraulic machinery, hydraulic structures, water supply, treatment and drainage systems. There is a strong interest also in environmental monitoring, catchment hydraulics, water quality and ecohydraulics and their role for climate change studies, flood risk management, desalination, re-use and water security. JAWER welcomes applica

IAHR Journal of Ecohydraulics

ISSN: 2470-5357 (Print) 2470-5365 (Online)

2 issues per year (first year an inaugural doubled issue)

The Journal of Ecohydraulics (TJoE) embodies the varied research undertaken in ecohydraulics covering water resources and aquatic life, ecology, biology, hydraulics, engineering, geoscience, environmental science, climate change and other related fields, with an emphasis on the integration of these disciplines. The Journal is of interest to academics involved in fundamental or applied sciences, as well as practitioners and policy makers working at the applied environmental management end of the spectrum, including those who seek innovative solutions to environmental assessment, impacts of and mitigation for existing or new projects. A range of approaches are invited – from physical and numer

RIBAGUA-Revista Iberoamericana del Agua

ISSN: 2386-3781(online)

2 issues per year

1. Promover al desarrollo tecnológico y científico en temas asociados con el agua – continental y marítima- en Iberoamérica, difundiendo el trabajo ingenieril y de investigación que se desarrolla en la región a una audiencia global. 2. Diseminar la temática del agua iberoamericana. 3. Contribuir a acercar la ciencia y la técnica en temas relacionados con el agua en Iberoamérica (y por extensión en el mundo), para facilitar el acceso de los profesionales a innovaciones recientes en la investigación, y de los científicos a desarrollos prácticos novedosos, que puedan dar lugar a nuevos descubrimientos. 4. Contribuir al intercambio de ideas entre profesionales del sector (ingenieros, abogados, b

Revista Hidrolatinoamericana de Jóvenes Investigadores y Profesionales

ISSN: 2520-2960

1 issue per year

Objectives of this journal are to create a communication environment between YPN partners, to increase youth visibility within IAHR, and to promote the participation of young people in international conferences and publications in magazines (RIBAGUA, JHR, JAWER, etc).

IAHR Journal of Hydro-environment Research

ISSN: 1570-6443 (Print)

6 issues per year

The journal aims to provide an international platform for the dissemination of research and engineering applications related to water and hydraulic problems in the Asia-Pacific region. The journal provides a wide distribution at affordable subscription rate, as well as a rapid reviewing and publication time. The journal particularly encourages papers from young researchers. Papers that require extensive language editing, qualify for editorial assistance with American Journal Experts, a Language Editing Company that Elsevier recommends. Authors submitting to this journal are entitled to a 10% discount. The journal welcomes papers in all topics of hydraulics, in particular articles on sustaina

International Journal of Sediment Research

ISSN: 1001-6279(print)

6 issues per year

International Journal of Sediment Research, the Official Journal of The International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation and The World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research, publishes scientific and technical papers on all aspects of erosion and sedimentation interpreted in its widest sense. The subject matter is to include not only the mechanics of sediment transport and fluvial processes, but also what is related to geography, geomorphology, soil erosion, watershed management, sedimentology, environmental and ecological impacts of sedimentation, social and economical effects of sedimentation and its assessment, etc. Special attention is paid to engineeri

Journal of Hydroinformatics

ISSN: 1464-7141(print)

6 issues per year

Journal of Hydroinformatics is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the application of information technology in the widest sense to problems of the aquatic environment. It promotes Hydroinformatics as a cross-disciplinary field of study, combining technological, human-sociological and more general environmental interests, including an ethical perspective. Contributions will be published in the following areas: Physically-based simulation modelling Numerical methods Data-driven modelling and management Artificial neural networks Evolutionary methods Cellular automata Modelling systems Geographic information systems (GIS) and virtual imaging Ecology and water quality modelling Environmental imp

Urban Water Journal

ISSN: 1744-9006(online) 1573-062X(print)

10 issues per year

Urban Water Journal provides a forum for the research and professional communities dealing with water systems in the urban environment, directly contributing to the furtherance of sustainable development. Particular emphasis is placed on the analysis of interrelationships and interactions between the individual water systems, urban water bodies and the wider environment. The Journal encourages the adoption of an integrated approach to solve the numerous problems associated with sustainable urban water management. Urban Water Journal focuses on the water-related infrastructure in the city; namely potable water supply, treatment and distribution; wastewater collection, treatment and environme

Water Science Engineering

ISSN: 1674-2370

4 Issues per year

Water Science and Engineering is an international, peer-reviewed research publication covering new concepts, theories, methods, and techniques related to water issues. The journal aims to publish research that helps advance the theoretical and practical understanding of water resources, aquatic environment, aquatic ecology, and water engineering, with emphases placed on the innovation and applicability of science and technology in large-scale hydropower project construction, large river and lake regulation, inter-basin water transfer, hydroelectric energy development, ecological restoration, the development of new materials, and sustainable utilization of water resources. WSE is funded by Ho

International Journal of Water Resources Development

Print ISSN: 0790-0627 Online ISSN: 1360-0648

6 issues per year

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