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Journal of Hydro-environment ResearchThis IAHR journal aims to provide an international platform for the dissemination of research related to hydraulic problems in the Asia-Pacific region. The journal particularly encourages papers from young researchers.

We welcome papers in all topics of hydraulics, especially:  

  • Sustainable water management

  • Water-health issues

  • Environmental hydraulics

  • Eco-hydraulics

  • Coastal engineering

  • Integration of hydraulics with hydrology 

The unique features of the Asia-Pacific region in terms of population density, economic growth, landscape, tradition and history require special treatment of water problems in the region. Each research article in the journal will contain a section describing actual or potential applications to the Asia-Pacific region.

The journal also publishes review papers, invited papers, book reviews and technical communications. Special issues containing selected papers presented at the biennial IAHR-APD Congresses, the IAHR-APD award papers, will be a regular feature of the journal.

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Prof. Dr. Sung-Uk   Choi

Prof. Dr. Sung-Uk 


Yonsei University


Dr. Adrian Wing-Keung Law

Dr. Adrian Wing-Keung Law

Nanyang Technological University

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