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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Working Group on Scour Research Advisor 2024-05-01 Now
IAHR Council Vice President 2019-10-01 2023-08-31
IAHR Council Member 2017-09-01 2019-09-30
IAHR Council Co-opted 2015-10-15 2017-08-31
IAHR Council Member 2013-10-17 2015-10-14
IAHR Council Member 2011-01-20 2013-09-30

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Are Hydraulic Structures Designed to Handle Ice? 2024
Drop Structures across (and under) the United States of America 2024
Numerical and Flume Models of Bed Scour and Bridge Forces Associated with Wood or Ice Accumulation at Bridge-Waterways 2024
The importance of Drop Structures for Urban Hydraulic Engineering 2024
Desirable Vortex Formation and Flow Non-Uniformity at Spillway Entrance 2023
Heat-Flux Sensitivity of River Channels Draining Mountains: An Example from American's Northern Great Plains 2023
Vortex-Flow Intakes 2023
Hydraulic Modeling of a Braided Channel to Aid Design of a System of Instream Structures 2022
39th IAHR World Congress. From Snow to Sea (S2S). 2020
Holly’s Last Hydraulics Project 2019
Flume experiments on baffle-posts for retarding open channel flow 2017
An Evaluation of Winter Effects on the Banks of the Middle Reach of the Susitna River, Alaska 2016
Hydraulic Modeling of Sediment-Trapping Structures in a Self-Forming, Braided Channel 2015
John Fisher Kennedy's Contributions to the Advancement of River Engineering 2014
Abutment Failure During Bridge Waterway Scour 2013
Introduction to IAHR’s John Fisher Kennedy Student Paper Competition 2013
John Fisher Kennedy ¨C Student and Statesman of Hydraulic Engineering 2013
Harold Kester, a Builder of Hydropower in the American West 2009
Fish Protection, Wedgewire Intake Screens, and Frazil Ice 2008
Insights from Anchor Ice Formation in the Laramie River, Wyoming 2008
Approaches to Managing Channel Confluence Alignments 2007
A Continuously Operable Hydraulic Model of Selective Withdrawal from a Stratified Reservoir 2005
Supercooled-Water and Frazil-Ice Withdrawal by Lakebed Intakes 2005
The Horseshoe Vortex System Around a Circular Bridge Pier on a Flat Bed 2005
Toward Cyber-Management of Water Resources and Watersheds 2005
Frazil-Ice Ingestion by a Submerged Water Intake: Numerical-Model and Ice-Tank Findings 2002
Rubble-Ice Loads Generated by Cable-Moored Conical Platform: Ice-Tank Tests 2002
Flume Notes on Sediment Transport and Boil Formation in Ice-Covered Channels 1999
Numerical Simulation of Ice-Cover Influence on Nearfield Mixing 1999
Laboratory Study of Suspended-Sediment Transport Inice-Cover Flow 1997
Particle-Image Velocimetry for Ice-Field Velocities 1997
Criteria for Increased Ice Discharge Capacity of the Upper Niagara River 1994
Flow over Dunes in Ice-Covered Channels 1994
Studies of Ice Jamming in the Upper Niagara River: Introduction and Background 1994
A Laboratory Study of Flow in Ice-Covered, Dune-Bed Channels 1992
A Plan for Studying Ice Jamming on the Upper Niagara River 1992
Influence of Ice Cover on Transverse Bed Slopes in a Curved Alluvial Channel 1990
Laboratory Investigation of Ice Jam Topography in a Sinuous Channel 1988
Laboratory Observations of Ice Formation in Frequently Transited Channels 1988
River-Flow Regulation for Controlled Ice-Cover Formation 1988
Thermal Analysis of Heated Lockwalls for Ice Control 1988
Experiments on Naled Ice Growth 1986
Dynamic Response of an Icebreaker Hull to Ice Breaking 1984
Observations on the Growth of Urea Ice on a Small Ice Basin 1984
Ship-Hull Motion Through Brash Ice 1984

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