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Committee on Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics Member 2012-01-01 2013-06-10

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Investigation of Colliding Gravity Currents in a Linearly Stratified Ambient 2023
LES of Gravity Current Propagation at the Base of a Linearly Stratified Ambient 2023
Surface Cooling of Sloping Water Bodies with Shallow Vegetated Regions 2023
Vegetation Effects on Unsteady Natural Convection in Sloping Water Bodies 2023
LES of Partial-Depth Colliding Gravity Currents 2022
Numerical Experiments of Asymmetric Gravity Currents Collision with LES 2022
Vegetation Effects on Natural Convection in Sloping Waterbodies Due to Solar Radiation 2022
Numerical Simulation of Periodically Forced Convective Currents in Aquatic Canopies 2016
Numerical simulation of turbulent exchange flow in aquatic canopies 2016
An Integrated Methodological Approach for the Upgrading of Coastal Structures Due to Climate Change Effects 2015
Numerical Simulation of Swash Flow Using Open Foam 2015
Numerical Simulation of Thermally Driven Exchange Flow Between Open Water and Aquatic Canopies 2015
Reynolds Stress Modelling of Open Channel Flow with Suspended Vegetation 2015
Effect of Turbulence Modelling on SWASH Flow Generated by Bore Collapse on Rough Slope 2014
A Numerical Simulation of Swash Flow Generated by Bore Collapse on Rough Slopes 2013
Numerical Simulation of Dike Erosion Due to Overtopping 2013
Reliability - Based Upgrading of a Rubble Mound Breakwater in a Changing Climate 2013
Effect of a vegetation patch on turbulent channel flow 2011
Spectral Wave Attenuation over Posidonia Oceanica 2011
Effect of a Vegetation Patch on Turbulent Channel Flow 2009
Lock-Exchange Experiments: Effect of Vegetation Drag on Gravity Currents 2009
3D Numerical Experiments on Drag Resistance in Vegetated Flows 2007
Analysis of Extremes for Hazard Assessment 2007
Estimation of Extreme Storm Surges Using a Spatial Linkage Assumption 2007
Outliers and Trend Detection Tests in Rainfall Extremes 2007
Turbulent Flow in Open Channels with Submerged Vegetation 2007
Wave Propagation over Submerged Double Impermeable Breakwaters 2007
Wavelet Coherence over Submerged Breakwaters 2007
Bivariate Extreme Analysis of Atmospheric Pressure in the Aegean Sea 2005
Design Formulae for Wave Transmission Behind Floating Breakwaters 2005
Flow Through a Porous Rubble Mound Weir 2005
Improved Hydrodynamic Efficiency of Pontoon-Type Floating Breakwaters 2005
Rainfall Time Series Analysis with Wavelets and Huang Hilbert Transform 2005
Supercritical Turbulent Free-Surface Flow over a Semicircular Obstacle 2005
Coherent Structures Identification in Turbulent Open Channel Flow with and Without Bed Suction 2003
Floating Breakwaters Interaction with Waves-a Large-Scale Experimental Study 2003
Measurements and Instrumentation in Hydraulic Research 2003
Turbulence Measurements of Flow with Free Surface Curvature over Obstacle 2003
Turbulent Flow over Periodic Hills 2003
Microscopic Modeling of Turbulent Flow over and Within a Porous Bed 2001
Turbulence Characteristics of Perturbed Open Channel Flow Due to Bed Suction 2001
Characteristics of a Submerged Hydraulic Jump Near a Gate 1999
Two-Dimensional Density Currents over Obstacles 1999

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