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IAHR Dalian University of Technology Young Professionals Network Student Advisor 2013-11-01 Now

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Design of the bearing capacity of landfast sea ice in the Prydz Bay, East Antarctic based on small-scale flexural tests 2022
Experimental Study on Uniaxial Compressive Strength Features of Wuliangsu Lake Ice 2018
Observations of Ice Bottom Morphology and Flow Velocities Under Ice 2018
Experimental Study on the Form Drag of Ice Ridge Keel in Stratified Fluid 2016
The Influence Factors of the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Natural Freshwater Ice 2016
The Relationship Between the Morphologies of Pressure Ridge Sails and Keels in the Northwestern Weddell Sea 2016
Understanding the Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Under Ice in Lake Valkea-Kotinen (FINLAND): Data Analysis 2016
Analysis on the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Arctic Sea Ice in the Summer of 2012 2014
Literature Study: Development Directions of Coastal Engineering in Arctic Under Climate Changes 2014
Modelling the Lake Ice Season for Climate Investigations 2014
On the Ratio of Atmospheric Drag Coefficient to Oceanic Drag Coefficient of Sea Ice 2014
The Frozen-Heave Experiment of Wooden Footway at Seawall Frontier in the Winter of North China 2014
Validation of Sea Ice Concentration Obtained from the Chinese Marine Satellite (HY-2) Microwave Radiometer Instrument 2014
A Laboratory Study on the Sorption Capacity of Oil Absorbent Mats for the Bohai Crude Oils 2012
Characteristics of Ice Crystals, Air Bubbles and Densities of Fresh Ice in a Reservoir 2010
Characteristics of Ice Crystals, Gas Bubbles and Densities of Fresh Water Ice in a Reservoir 2010
Estimation of Annual Maximum Ice Thickness in Different Return Periods for a Reservoir Using Air Temperature 2010
Estimation of Oceanic Heat Flux Under Landfast Sea Ice in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica 2010
Assessment of “Ice Storm” Possibility in the Bohai Sea 2008
Research on a New Measurement Method of Ice-Thickness 2008
Experimental Study of the Flexural Strength of Dut-1 Synthetic Model Ice 2001

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