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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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16228 Loss of Life Models for Sea and River Floods
S. N. Jonkman; P. H. A. J. M. Van Gelder; J. K. Vrijling
16229 Real-Time Assessment Models Used in Estimating Regional Losses from Flood Damage
Tao Cheng; Juan Lu; Zhicheng Su; Lizhong Zhang
16230 An Analysis of Flood Risk and Defense in the Western Niger Delta
M. J. Fasona; O. J. Tejuoso; S. Odunuga
16231 Study on Flood Damage Assessment Modes of Different Scales in China
Yanyan Wang; Liyun Xiang
16232 Flood Simulation and Risk Analysis of the Yangtze Basin from Yichang to Hankou River Reach
Shenglian Guo; Changjiang Xu; Xiaohong Sun; Pan Liu
16233 Computer Aided Safety Assessment System of River Dikes
Zeping Xu; Jianhui Liang; Yu Shao
16234 Integral Flood Risk Evaluation Methodology
Rosio Ruiz; Gabriel Echavez
16235 Invited Lecture: Flood Disaster Mitigation Methods Considering Past Flood Damages in Japan
Satoru Kondou; Tadashi Suetsugi
16236 The Role of Nile Forecast System (NFS) in Managing High Floods in Egypt
Mohamed A. A. Sayed; Mohamed Bahaa Saad
16237 Influence of Estuarine Reclamation on Flood Control Capacity of Shenzhen River Regulation Project
Jinhai Zheng; Yixin Yan

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