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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Yichang, 2004)

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ID Title Authors Year
17229 Study on the Physiographic Soil Erosion-Deposition Model for Watershed
Chang-Tai Tsai; Chiang-Nuo Chen; Chih-Heng Tsai; Lu-Chun Kuo
17230 Hydrodynamic, Sedimentological and Morphological Aspects of a Sao Francisco River Stretch, Brazil
Geraldo Wilson Junior
17231 Waterway Characteristics and Fluvial Processes of the Naji-Yuliang Reach of the Youjiang River
Pinzheng Hao; Kejun Ping
17232 Fluvial Processes Near the Wencunjia Sand BAR on the Upper Jingjiang River
Yanbo Peng; Hua Xiao; Guanglei Duan
17233 Impact of Hydroprojects and Navigation on Fluvial Processes in the Upper Danube with Particular Attention to Ecological and Environmental Aspects
Helmut Scheuerlein
17234 Fluvial Processes of Nantong Reach on the Changjiang River
Zhengrong Gao; Wenzhi Yuan; Minghui Yang
17235 Monitoring and Modelling of River Widening Processes in an Alpine River
E. Formann; St. Schober; H. M. Habersack
17236 Flood Level Variation and Bed Deformation in the Middle and Lower of Changjiang River
Minghui Yu; Wenzhong Duan
17237 Flow Characteristic and Sediment Deposition at Mountain Plain Junction of Lothar River in Nepal
Jagat K. Bhusal
17238 River Hydraulic and Morphological Response to Navigation: A Case Study of the River Rhine in the Netherlands
Saskia Van Vuren; Huib De Vriend

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