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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Yichang, 2004)

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17199 Threshold Motion of Noncohesive and Non-Uniform Sediment Particles
Minxiong Cao; Xiuhong Wang
17200 The Angle of Repose for Submerged Non-Cohesive Sediment Particles
Yizheng Zhan; Xianping Zhang; Ying Huang; Weidong Huang
17201 A Theoretical Study on Dual-Valued Sediment Carrying Capacity
Xiaotian Chen; Kairong Wang; Qiwei Zhang; Yong Li
17202 A Formula for Bed Load Discharge in Rivers
Yanping Wang; Shuxia Li; Junhua Zhang
17203 Impacts of Management of Water and Sediment in the Reservoirs on Sedimentation in Lower Yellow River
Yuqian Long; Guoting Liang; Yuanfeng Zhang
17204 Sediment Discharge Formula for Steep Open Channel
Haruyuki Hashimoto; Hiroki Takaoka; Kichan Park
17205 Optimum Approach to Determine the Coefficients in Sediment-Carrying Capacity Formula
Zhiyao Song; Weisheng Zhang; Jun Kong; Yun Xing
17206 A Model for Prediction of Gravel Bedload in Streams
Wen C. Wang; David R. Dawdy
17207 Conservation and Management of Lakes with Special Reference to Its Approach Channel
Shrinivas Prasad
17208 Bed Load Discharge for Discontinuous Wide Size Distribution Bed Materials
Haitao Xu; Jinyou Lu

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