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Proceedings of the 2nd Arabian Coast (Oman, 2010)

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20030 Decision Making Under Risk in the Management of a Coastal Stretch
A. Felix; A. Baquerizo; M. A. Losada
20031 Stability and Hydrodynamic Performance of a Single Layered Armored Seabee Type Breakwater
K. Al-Banaa; S. Neelamani
20032 Feasible Mechanical Solutions for Screening Marine Life from Entering Power Plant Seawater Intakes
S. Neelamani; F. Al-Hulail
20033 Musandam Rock Loading Facility, Oman - A Case Study
Carsten Sorensen; Jorgen S. Steenfelt; Hossam E. Ali
20034 Physical Model Study of Combined Plate Submerged Breakwater
Kiran G. Shirlal; Subba Rao; Roobin V. Varghese
20035 Shelter Effect of Porous Wind Fences in an Open Storage Yard: Comparision Between Laboratory and Numerical Studies
U. Pruthviraj; J. Prashanth; Subash C. Yaragal; M. K Nagara
20036 Study of Transmission Characteristics of Semicircular Breakwater with Perforations on Both Sides
Arkal Vittal Hegde; C. Ganesh; Vishal Kumar
20037 Wave Overtopping and Rubble Mound Stability Under Combined Loading of Waves and Current
Marcel R. A. Van Gent; Ivo Van Der Werf; Sepehr Eslami Arab
20038 Innovative Plugging Method for Driven Piles at Musandam Rock Loading Facility, Oman
Jorgen S. Steenfelt; Guillaume Albert; Carsten Sorensen
20039 Low Crested Reef Breakwaters-Theory Illustrated by Arabian Gulf Projects
L. A. Jackson; B. Corbett; A. Salyer; G. Mocke; F. Smit; D. Strauss; R. Tomlinson

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