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The Evaluation of the Peak Discharge and the Improvement of a Distributred Rainfall–Runoff Model in the Yoneshiro River Basin

Author(s): Lei Gao; So Kazama; Daisuke Komori

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

Keywords: MeDAS; Evapotranspiration; Radar; Multiple Regression Analysis; Two-stage Layers Model

Abstract: The present study tried to find one of the factors of the peak discharge error between the observed values and the calculated values. Rainfall distribution compared the rainfall distribution by AMeD AS value with weighted distance average method and by radar rainfall. As a result of the comparison, possible causes of error in rainfall distribution can be simply divided into three types. Improvement of rainfall distribution can increase the accuracy of estimation, and one of discharge error was improved by up to 800m 3 /s. By using the multiple regression analysis, we obtained models with high accuracy, the coefficient of determination more than0.7 and significance probability less than 5%level. The model results showed that AMeD AS value of the downstream region had a great influence on peak discharge error.


Year: 2014

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