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Numerical Simulation of Inundation Flow Considering Effects of Drainage Process of Stormwater in Urban Area

Author(s): Kenji Kawaike; Hajime Nakagawa; Yohei Imai

Linked Author(s): Hajime Nakagawa, Kenji Kawaike

Keywords: Inundation; Sewerage system; Urban area

Abstract: Inundation disaster due to heavy rainfall is a serious problem in Japan as well as other monsoon Asian countries, especially in urban area. In this study, to predict its hazardousness precisely, the authors’conventional numerical simulation model is revised in the part of drainage process of stormwater into sewerage system. Stormwater given to buildings roof is drained through hypothetical sub sewer, and inundation water on the ground with a main sewer pipe below is directly drained into that main sewer pipe. This simulation model is applied to an urban area in Japan. As the simulation results, the actual inundation area at the disaster of 2006 is numerically reproduced very well and it is found out that consideration of drainage process from buildings roof brings some difference from the simulation results of the authors’conventional model. However, there is no evidence which results are better than the other one, so validation of the numerical model of drainage process expressed in this study should be done in the future.


Year: 2010

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