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Japan Chapter Vice Chair 2019-01-01 Now
IAHR Council Co-opted 2017-12-06 2019-09-30
Japan Secretary General 2012-01-01 2018-12-31

My Papers and Presentations

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Flow Characteristics of Compound Open Channel Flow with Discontinuous Flood Plain 2020
Numerical Simulation of Flood Mitigation Effects of an Assumed Retarding Basin 2020
Numerical Simulation of Runoff Generation and Inundation Process of an Extreme Precipitation Event in Nepal 2020
Anticipated Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Erosivity over Nepal 2019
Effects of Dem Accuracy on Sediment Modelling Results 2019
Modeling of Stormwater Drainage and Overflow Process Considering the Volume Capacity of Ditches in Urban Area 2019
Impacts of Storm Surge on Coastal Infrastructure in the Coastal Region of Bangladesh 2018
Measurement of Flow Field Along a Reach of the Large Sand Bed Braided River Using aDcp 2018
Morphodynamic Responses of the Jamuna Against Long Term Stabilization 2018
River Stabilization in Bangladesh: A Long Term Low Cost Approach 2018
Sediment Management in Tidal River: A Case Study of East Beel Khuksia, Bangladesh 2018
Assessingthepollutant Spreading Using a Flood Simulation Model in Dhaka City, Bangladesh 2016
Inundation Damage in Urban Area Affected by Pump Operation 2016
3D Numerical Model of Sediment Transport Considering Transition from Bed-Load Motion to Suspension: Application to Local Scours Upstream of Cross-River Structures 2015
Experimental Study on Sediment Erosion and Transportation Due to Rainfall 2013
Integrated Model for River Embankment Failure Due to Overtopping 2013
Numerical modelling of river embankment failure due to overtopping flow considering infiltration effects 2013
Experimental Study on Validation of Discharge Coefficient Between the Ground Surface and Sewerage System 2012
Bed Variation Around Spur Dyke Under Non-Uniform Sediment Transport 2010
Erosion of Unsaturated River Embankment Due to Overtopping 2010
Numerical Simulation of Inundation Flow Considering Effects of Drainage Process of Stormwater in Urban Area 2010
Flood Disaster in July 2006 in the Matsue City Area and Its Numerical Modeling 2007
Numerical Study on the Bed Evolution Process of Channels with Complex Geometries 2007
A Sustainable Solution for the Stabilization Ofnavigational Channels in Floodplain Environment 2005
Velocity Measurements in a Straight River with a Series of Groynes by a Ship-Mounted aDcp 2005
Modeling of Sediment Transport in Alluvial Rivers with Spur Dykes 2004
Analysis of Driftwood Behavior Debouched into a Bay by Using Eulerian and Lagrangian Coupling Model 2002
Invited Lecture: Debris Flow Control by a Grid-Type Sabo Dam 2002
Debris Flow Disaster in the Harihara River, Izumi City, 1997 1999
Driftwood Behavior in Horizontal Two-Dimensional Basins 1995

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