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Analysis of Sedimentation and Flushing into the Reservoir Paute-Cardenillo

Author(s): Luis G. Castillo; Manuel A. Alvarez; Jose M. Carrillo

Linked Author(s): José M. Carrillo, Luis G. Castillo Elsitdié

Keywords: Flushing; Reservoir; Sedimentation; Simulation

Abstract: The study analyzes the expected changes in the Paute River in Ecuador as a result of the construction of the Paute-Cardenillo Dam. Given that the project must remain viable throughout its useful life, the operational rules at the reservoir are required to include sedimentation effects. Four complementary procedures are used: empirical formulae, onedimensional simulations (sedimentation), two-dimensional simulations (flushing) and threedimensional simulations (detail of the bottom outlet).


Year: 2014

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