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Influence of Local Stiffness of Conduits on Water Hammer Propagation Signal

Author(s): F. E. Hachem; A. J. Schleiss

Linked Author(s): Anton J. Schleiss

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Abstract: In the framework of a so called Hydro Net project (Modern methodologies for the design, manufacturing and operation of pumped-storage plants), the design criteria and the non-intrusive monitoring for steel lined pressure tunnels will be enhanced. The Fluid-Structure Interaction and the propagating wave modes during water hammer phenomena of an experimental steel pipe will be studied. The goals are to link pressure and wave signals in water to the pressure wave signals measured at the outer surface of the pipe and to detect the amplitude and location of a changed stiffness of the pipe at defined locations. The experimental set-up consists of a steel pipe supplied with pressurized water and equipped with a shut-off valve. Th pipe is divided into several reaches with different wall stiffness. The pressure fluctuations during transients at different measurement sections of the test pipe are measured. The measurement sections are also equipped with geophones. At the downstream end of the conduit pipe a hydrophone sensor is placed for acquisition of acoustic plane waves in water generated by the pressure fluctuations and pipe wall vibrations. The measured signals are processed and studied in time and frequency domains. Based on preliminary experiments, results and their analysis regarding the influence of local stiffness of conduits on water hammer propagation signal are presented.


Year: 2010

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