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Numerical Simulation of Flow Pattern Inside a Pool-and-Weir Fishway

Author(s): S. Abdelaziz; M. D. Bui; K. Hayashida; P. Rutschmann

Linked Author(s): Peter Rutschmann

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Abstract: Over the past few years, numerical modeling has been used to study flow structure in pool-and-weir fishway. Such simulations can help to visualize the non-trivial flow patterns in fish ladders (Khan, 2006; Atsushi et al., 2009). However, there is still limited knowledge about effects of the length-to-depth ratio of a pool-and-weir fishway on the flow structure. In this study, the commercial CFD code FLOW-3D is applied to simulate flows in a fish ladder. The purposes of this study are to advance our knowledge of fishway flow patterns and to provide a suitable guidance for an optimal design. Experimental data archived from a previous study of Hayashida, et al., (2001) are used to calibrate and validate the numerical model. The result showed that the model is capable of simulating the flow pattern in the pool with acceptable accuracy. Further, the numerical model is applied to study effects of the ratio between the weir length and the pool depth on the flow structure in the fish ladder.


Year: 2012

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